Technical Description of the Process

A Technical Description of the Lilliput® Sewarage Treatment Process

All waste water undergoes pre-treatment in an anaerobic, predigestion environment. This is usually a Septic Tank but can be surface tanks as part of a ‘full kit’ plant. At this stage microbial digestion takes place - complex organic compounds convert to simple soluble organic compounds.

The resulting solution is pumped to the base of the Lilliput® Bio-Reactor. This Aerobic Upflow Submerged Bio-Reactor contains the AWW MARK 2 fixed-growth media which serves as the main anchor for the bacterial population, optimising critical surface area and voidage. The media is underlain by a porous membrane air diffuser for the purpose of introducing a fine bubble oxygen supply. Carbonaceous degradation and  nitrification are achieved within the biofilm adhering to the media. The fixed film biomass allows for chemical shock tolerance and regenerative capabilities unattainable in activated sludge systems.

Once the solution has passed through the Bio-Reactor it is sent for final cleaning. Fine particles of humus can be removed in a Clarifier before the final disinfection in the Chlorine Contactor.

Such Clarifier is not necessary at the Single House level of application. Treated/disinfected effluent may be used for irrigation or water features, or discharged to water courses, dams, lakes or stormwater systems.

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