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WATER SERVICES ACT Act 108 of 1997
To provide for the rights of access to basic water supply and basic sanitation; to provide for the setting of national standards and of norms and standards for tariffs; to provide for water services development plans; to provide a regulatory framework for water services institutions and water services intermediaries; to provide for the establishment and disestablishment of water boards and water services committees and their powers and duties; to provide for the monitoring of water services and intervention by the Minister or by the relevant Province; to provide for financial assistance to water services institutions; to provide for certain general powers of the Minister; to provide for the gathering of information in a national information system and the distribution of that information; to repeal certain laws; and to provide for matters connected therewith.
NATIONAL WATER ACT Act No 36 of 1998
To provide for fundamental reform of the law relating to water resources; to repeal certain laws; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Recognising that water is a scarce and unevenly distributed national resource which occurs in many different forms which are all part of a unitary, interdependent cycle;

Recognising that while water is a natural resource that belongs to all people, the discriminatory laws and practices of the past have prevented equal access to water, and use of water resources;

Acknowledging the National Government's overall responsibility for and authority over the nation's water resources and their use, including the equitable allocation of water for beneficial use, the redistribution of water, and international water matters;

Recognising that the ultimate aim of water resource management is to achieve the sustainable use of water for the benefit of all users;

Recognising that the protection of the quality of water resources is necessary to ensure sustainability of the nation's water resources in the interests of all water users; and

Recognising the need for the integrated management of all aspects of water resources and, where appropriate, the delegation of management functions to a regional or catchment level so as to enable everyone to participate;

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, as follows:



Endorsement of Lilliput package plant by EcoMonitor cc
EcoMonitor was requested to investigate the potential impact of the Lilliput package sewage treatment system as used by the Le Domaine Estate development.

Two site visits were made to the Le Domaine Estate, including the Lilliput package sewage treatment system, and to the offices of Africa Water & Waste. Intensive and thorough discussions were had with the EIA consultant, civil engineer, developers, the Le Domaine Trust chairperson and with Africa Water & Waste. All information that was requested by EcoMonitor to compile the report on the potential impact of the Lilliput package sewage treatment system was received.



SABS Certification
Certificates issued by the SABS.


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