Background information on the development of the Lilliput® Sewage Treatment System.

Africa Water and Waste, now Lilliput® Treatment Technologies International, took up a challenge, issued in 1993, by the South African Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. The problem, that they were experiencing nationally, was that Domestic Sewage Effluent Treatment Package Plants were not consistently meeting the discharge standards as laid down in the South African Water Act.

Following extensive academic work and laboratory trials, our Lilliput® range of Water Act compliant systems was born in 1996. They covered the conventional load spectrum, typically from small communities to villages and towns. While this was an achievement in itself, the really exciting National and International advancement was the application of the technologies down through the hydraulic load range to include cost effective Single Home Units.

This breakthrough technology allows the client the opportunity to re-use 100% of the water.  We encourage irrigation of gardens and subsistence agriculture.

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